Deworming Your Horse

How to find the best deworming schedule for you and your horse

Worms Are Fighting Back. Are You Prepared?

There’s a reason 40 years of intense equine deworming efforts haven’t resulted in the demise of all internal parasites: They’ve got Mother Nature on their side. Learn more about drug-resistant worms and how to protect your horse with our FREE guide, Deworming Your Horse.

No matter your horse deworming method (and I am not here to judge), the importance of having a strong worming program for horses is proven science. Maintaining a constant horse-worming schedule is vital to keeping them parasite-free and therefore healthy. An infestation of worms in your horse can cause a dull coat, weight loss or even colic.

For optimal horse deworming impact, you need to use the right dewormers, in effective dosages, at the right times. Which products and schedule are best for your situation depend on many factors, including where you live, the number of horses you keep and your pasture-management practices. Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to review and possibly revise your horse-deworming schedule, especially if your routines have been in place for some time.

To learn more and find the right deworming schedule for you and your horses, download the guide HERE.

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