Book Review: Fergus, a Horse to be Reckoned with

Tthe cartoon horse with more than 300,000 Facebook likes!

Everybody loves Fergus, the cartoon horse who has become an international star. He had his first taste of fame with The Essential Fergus the Horse. Now he’s back in Fergus, a Horse to be Reckoned with, the hilarious story of his adventures with “The Lad” who wants to ride him.

To ride him! Of all the nerve!

Fergus vows to teach the boy who’s the boss (the horse, of course), and does so in no uncertain terms. The Lad is kind and patient in the face of Fergus’ antics, and their relationship grows. The book is a laugh a minute for adults who have dealt with equines like Fergus, but there’s also a wonderful, subtle lesson in horsemanship for young readers and aspiring riders.

Kudos to author/cartoonist Jean Abernethy and Trafalgar Square Books for bringing Fergus to readers—and for continuing the cartoon horse traditions of the late Norman Thelwell, Britain’s beloved artist; and America’s own Ronnie Mutch, the late rider, coach and artist.

Fergus, a Horse to be Reckonedwith, is 40 full color pages of cartoons. It’s available from Trafalgar Square Books in N. Pomfret, VT, and the Equine Network Store for $13.95.

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