Jochen Schleese Saddle Fitting Tip 6 - Saddle Length

A horse's shoulder and loin area should never carry any weight of a rider. Rider weight should be carried on the saddle support area only and never extending past the last supporting rib or sliding up on to the horse's shoulder.

To achieve the proper saddle fit, your saddle should be placed onto the horse’s shoulders and then slide back behind them. Make sure that the saddle length is not behind the back of the horse’s rib line. The horse’s shoulder and loin area should never carry the weight of the saddle, as it makes the horse uncomfortable and this proves that the saddle length is too big. Bad transitions at the trot and canter, or bucking, may be a sign that the saddle length is too long and your horse is uncomfortable. Watch this horse saddle fitting video by Schleese for some tips on how to make sure your saddle length is correct.

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