2010 Horse Journal Products of the Year

The choice of products of the year is one we take very seriously. Many times it comes down to what our testers have found they simply wouldn?t be without again, and other times it’s simply the best product We’ve found for the job. As previously, we’re presenting these to you in alphabetical order.


AgSilver Clean Bucket

We were so certain this product wouldn?t live up to its claims, we couldn?t wait to try it. And we were so wrong! This high-density plastic bucket looks like other water buckets, but its polyethylene is impregnated with ionic silver. The silver is safe for your horse, and it helps minimize the slime buildup in water buckets. What’s more is that nearly all our test horses seemed to prefer the water from the AgSilver bucket. http://www.equifit.net/, 877-437-8434. $29.95.


This liquid wound and hoof care formula is independent-lab tested as anti-microbial. We found it began to work within just a few days, even without removing scabs on rain rot. On thrush, results were fast, even with painful severe thrush. We like its double-duty ability to use on both hooves and skin, so we can keep one product on hand. No dilution. Spray on. http://www.kinetictech.net/, 877-786-9882. $14.50/8 cloths.

Ice Horse Wraps

Every barn should have cold therapy ready to go. And Ice Horse makes that simple with flexible gel packs that stayed cold longer than other competitors in our trial. Plus, these packs can be warmed for heat therapy, too, and we love double-duty products. http://www.kimminsinternational.com/, 239-216-0074. $34.50/1.32 gallons.

Keratex Hoof Hardener

It penetrates deeply then reacts with the hoof wall keratin to form additional links/bridges. It binds to protein to stiffen the keratin coil, helping prevent brittleness and cracks. it’s expensive, but it lasts and gets the job done. http://www.farnamhorse.com/, 800-234-2269. $16.49/32 oz.


A unique addition to stall odor control is Odor-No-More. We used their dry flakes and found they absorbed wetness like no other product We’ve tried before. There was a noticeable difference in the stall after just a few days in both dampness and odor control. At $1.33/day, it’s not cheap, but we tossed a lot less soiled bedding. Ingredients are GRAS (generally recognized as safe). www.horsesonly.com/suntanks, 435-656-0229. $452 to $632.

Spalding Fly Parasites

When we saw the results from the field trial, we knew we were onto something: fly parasites visibly reduce the population of biting flies on a farm. they’re also relatively inexpensive and easy to use. We used Spalding Lab Fly Predators. http://www.fly-predators.com/, 800-706-3116. $18.45/packet.

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