A Good Scoop

Challenged by the manufacturer of a plastic scoop that said it measures every grain accurately, we selected several different types of scoops to see how they, well, measure up.

We all know you’re supposed to feed the same amount of feed each day to your horse, but most of us guess. Our horses don’t mind (especially if they get a little more), but if they’re supposed to be on a diet, you need to know how much you’re feeding, exactly, to monitor the weight gain or weight loss and make adjustments accordingly.

You can, of course, use a scale, but that’s an extra step: Scoop, then measure, then feed. What if you could do it in one swipe’

We grabbed different scoops to try for consistent grain disbursement. The round metal ones said they were ”four quart” or ”three quart” but gave no exact markings for what was actually full and what was 1 quart (or pound).

The similarly shaped plastic scoop had measurement markings, but its rounded shape made us less confident we were exactly where we needed to be.

Our old-faithful square plastic scoop stands on end, so we can fill it to a one-pound mark, once we figure out with a scale where that is and mark it.

The plastic Surescoop stands upright and has markings on it to indicate one pound of sweet feed and, on the other side, one pound of pellets (which, by the way, is the same as one pound of oats). It was easy to fill and worked like a kitchen measuring cup. We’re sold.

$8.99. surescoop@hotmail.com. 410-877-3829.

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