Adequan for Horses Availability

Update from Luitpold.

It was nice to finally receive word from Luitpold, the manufacturer, that Adequan, the injectable joint supplement, is available again. The company released a statement recently indicating that production is back under way. Adequan is perhaps the most widely used injectable joint supplement, in front of Legend and Pentosan.

Editor’s Note: Confused about all these joints remedies? Click the blue link to download or read a PDF of Horse Journal Contributing Veterinary Editor Grant Miller DVM’s recommendations on Legend vs. Pentosan vs. Adequan.

Adequan has been around longer than its competitors and it attracts consumers because of price and reported efficacy. But many report a mix-and-match approach to joint supplements work best on a horse-to-horse basis. For some, Adequan does the trick, but for others, Legend shows a better effect. Again, to respond to the myth that will not die: For now, there is still no generic Adequan and be wary of compounding pharmacies.

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