April 2014 Article Uploads

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In the 49-page Articles PDF, you will find:

  • Rain Rot Treatments for Horses
  • EHV/EHM, aka Herpes virus:It’s Baaack . . . Keep Your Horse Safe
  • Dots of Inexpensive Bling
  • Stolen Saddle Protection: Saddle Network
  • Who’d Win The Kentucky Derby?
  • Stumbling: The Trip You Don’t Want to Take
  • Is Adequan or Legend Best?
  • The New Guy: Pentosan
  • Horse Pal Remains Our Top Fly Trap Choice
  • Managing Cranky Mares
  • New Bill Announced for Helmet Safety
  • Fly Sheets 2014 – Lots of Improvement
  • USEF Drug Rules
  • Barefoot vs. Shoes
  • 40 Great Seconds
  • Campaign to Save Land for Horses
  • Heart-Wrenching Story of a Mare’s Love
  • Bit-Metal Choices
  • Habronemiasis
  • Laminitis Emergency
  • Horse Journal OnCall – Can I Show Bareback?
  • Equine Insurance: It’s All About Protection
  • Connecticut Supreme Court Rules in “Vicious” Horse Case
  • Hock Pain Is Prevalent in Horses
  • Muddy Walkways and Horses
  • USEF Live Links
  • Amazing Reining Video – Riding Backward, Riderless Spin
  • William Fox-Pitt Wins Rolex Kentucky on Bay My Hero
  • Beautiful Tribute
  • Rolex Kentucky on TV
  • Steffan Peters on Legolas 92 at Del Mar
  • Good-bye, Blanco
  • FEI – Horses and Ballet
  • Nugget Needs a Home

In the Expert Viewpoints PDF, you will find: 

Margaret Freeman:

  • It’s That Time of Year
  • Bargains Not Found at the Tack Shop
  • Grand Prix Dressage Training

John Strassburger:

  • Why I Think Saddle Network Is A Great Idea
  • R-Star and Gin ‘N Juice—Two Mares I Love To Watch
  • What We Learned From Watching An Equine Cruelty Case In Court
  • Strength Is So Important In Horse Training
  • Epic Riding and Horsemanship On Display At Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event

Debra M. Eldredge DVM:

  • Mud Season and Your Horse
  • Monte – Loss and Grief

Cynthia Foley:

  • Insurance Seems Like Dollars Down the Drain . . .
  • Thank you, Mickey Rooney.
  • Equine Yoga?
  • Amazing Equine Recovery Story
  • Editorials, Commentaries and Veterinary Viewpoints
  • 15-Percheron Hitch Video
  • Horses on TV
  • Meditation For Two
  • Charlotte and Valegro’s 92.179% Freestyle ride at the World Cup

Grant Miller, DVM:

  • Hot Topic- Hay Steamers
  • Some Pointers on Joint Infections
  • Equine Herpes Virus Update
  • Rattlesnake Season is Here Again

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