Ask Horse Journal: 08/09

Does the level of vitamin E in fresh grass vary considerably depending on the grass type’

Horse Journal Response: Fresh young grasses contain from 15 to 50 IU of vitamin E per pound. Since horses on a grass-only diet need to consume about eight times more grass than hay to get the same calories, that adds up to quite a bit of vitamin E. Levels decline as the grass ages. Some references list legumes as being slightly higher in vitamin E than grasses, probably because they are less fibrous, but the difference is fairly small.

Distiller’s Grains

How can you say it’s OK to feed distiller’s grains when the FDA is currently investigating their use in feed stock’ They’re filled with antibiotics that exceed FDA recommendations and could be causing many horses to feel poorly.

Horse Journal Response: The FDA is conducting a survey of distiller’s grains for aflatoxin and antibiotic residues because of an anticipated increase in animal feeds due to an increased production of biofuels. If the survey, which has been ongoing since 2007, was finding that to be true, there would be regulatory action taken because this ingredient is used in beef and dairy cattle.