Barn Building Progress

I’m thrilled to say that the new barn/arena is getting close to finished. Unfortunately, the construction crew appears to have disappeared. This isn?t a complaint, though. Every time they are gone for a bit, they come back and do something extra that makes the place look even better. I’m posting some photos, but the shocker was the hay loft. When I showed the loft to my sister, her reaction was, ?We’re not putting hay up here! We’re putting a couch over there, and a table there . . .?? It truly does look good enough to be a rec room! We really hired a wonderful construction company, and I’m not sure everyone can say that. So far, We’ve only had a 9% additional bill for gravel, but this was due to the town Coding Office forcing us to move the facility to a different area on the land, and that required a lot of fill. Other than that, this builder is doing more for us than we ever thought was part of the deal. He even changed a door handle because he didn’t think the color fit well in the barn design! that’s the kind of perfectionist you want building your barn. The downside, though, is the first estimate we received for electricity. That was three times what I budgeted for?it comes to 13% of the total barn/arena cost. We’re going to get more estimates, of course, and I’ve already gotten one on just the fixtures alone, which tells me are original quote is likely ridiculous. ?This stuff is confusing, if you’re not into electrical happenings. You?ve got to do your research. We?ll be finishing the wall staining and laying mats, etc. before the horses move in, but I’m very excited with the progress overall. I think the horses are, too, as they are hanging out a lot at the end of the paddock closer to the new barn. I don’t mind that the construction crew is away a bit at this stage. We can’t do anything ourselves as far as staining goes until the weather improves anyway. And since this is Upstate New York, we’re figuring May, if we’re lucky.

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