Building In the Northeast

Apparently, the construction industry doesn’t get setback too much by bad weather. Last week, the weather was horrid with freezing temperatures, high winds and blowing snow. But the workers kept right on building (see the photo).? Our horses keep close watch on them, too, as you can see in the other photo, which was probably a good thing as I worried about them hammering well when your fingers are frozen (my husband said they have air tools that do the actual ?hammering,? so that’s not an issue. I just know that by the time I get the water tank outside ready for the horse, hay set out for them, horses turned out and stalls done, my fingers are ice! The rest of me is just fine, but not my fingers. Today, it’s in the single digits (below zero when they arrived to start work), but the sun is out, it’s not snowing or windy. So the three girls are standing as close to the work that’s going on, watching everything. they’re truly curious mares. I’m told that conditions are not good for putting in the water line or pouring cement. But that’s OK. Everything?s looking good, and I’m thrilled with the progress and totally amazed at their work ethic. (I’ve also learned that construction means a lot of dropped nails. I pick up as many as I can when we go up to look at the progress, but we’ll be doing some very serious inspections before any horses go onto that part of the property.)

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