Bulletin Board: 06/00

Whitman Joins Miller’s and Eisers
Whitman Saddle Manufacturing, Inc., of Kalamazoo, Mich., was added to the realm of wholesale tack companies owned by Stephen G. Dent of Greenwich, Conn., at the end of March.

Dent purchased Miller Harness Co. a year ago and in February also bought Equestrian Products Corp. and Circle Y of Yoakum. Miller’s, EPC — which includes Eisers — and Whitman have been formed into the English Equestrian Group (EEG). Circle Y of Yoakum, a leading manufacturer of Western tack, remains separate. Circle Y will continue to operate in Yoakum, Texas.

Eisers will remain in Hazleton, Pa., and Whitman in Michigan. Miller’s moved in February from East Rutherford, N.Y. to Washington, N.C., west of Raleigh, where it has greater warehouse space.

EEG has announced that Whitman is the final leg in its acquisition triangle, which added some key brands to its mix, especially in saddle-seat equipment.


FEI Adds Reining
Reining continues its exciting move toward greater recognition. In April, it became an FEI discipline. The FEI stated at its April meeting in Germany that reining has a “strong position world-wide and counts 57,000 active competitors in 47 countries on six continents.”

An international committee chaired by Jane Forbes Clark of the United States has been formed to develop rules in cooperation with existing reining associations. The USET will host the first international reining Nations Cup, with a purse of $10,000 for the team competition, during the Festival of Champions June 21-25. The festival will also host the $100,000 Cosequin/USET Open Reining Championships.


EEE In Louisiana
A mild winter has brought an onslaught of mosquitoes and an early case of Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) or “sleeping sickness” to the South Central region. An unvaccinated six-year-old Shetland pony was reported with the disease in April in Vernon Parish, La., adjacent to Newton County, Texas.


Bute-Less Name Changed
Equine America has changed the name of Bute-Less, an herbal arthritis product (see January 2000), to BL Solution. Remaining stock is still being sold under the old name, but there has been confusion among retailers due to the change.

The FDA requested the name change because the “bute” part implied a therapeutic effect, and supplements are not permitted to treat or alleviate a disease. Other changes on the label now list vitamin B12 as the “active ingredient,” and devil’s claw and yucca appear only as “ingredients.” However, the devil’s claw-yucca portions are the same as in the original formula.


TV: Young Riders, Olympic Trials
Portions of the show jumping and dressage Olympic Team trials will be shown on the PAX TV cable channel on Aug. 12, 9-11 p.m. The program is part of 14 consecutive Saturday-night Olympic trial programs, beginning June 3.

The North American Young Riders’ Championships, Aug. 1-6 in Parker, Colo., will be shown on the Outdoor Life Network at noon EDT on Aug. 17 (more air dates will be announced). The event also will air on the Fox Sports Network, times to be announced.


AHSA Shipping Book
“Guidelines for Horse Transport by Road and Air,” edited by Dr. Catherine Kohn, is available through the AHSA (606/258-2472) for $14.95, plus shipping and handling.

The guidelines were developed by participants in a workshop of horse transport held at the Massachusett SPCA’s Nevins Farm and Equine Centre and also arose from concern for transporting horses to Australia for the upcoming 2000 Olympic Games.


Horse Sports Registry
The AHSA Executive Committee has approved receiving the Performance Horse Registry as a gift from Edward S. Bonnie of Louisville, Ky. Bonnie acquired the PHR from The Jockey Club, which started the sport horse registry in 1992 and has developed a software program for tracking performance records and pedigrees. The AHSA anticipates that the PHR will develop into the American Horse Sports Registry and become part of the American Horse Sports Database.

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