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Lasix is Now SALIX
The familiar name of Lasix will no longer be found in the veterinary industry, although the product is still the same. Intervet is changing the label to SALIX this summer as old stocks of Lasix (furosemide) run out.

Intervet Inc., one of the largest animal-health companies in the world, purchased Hoechst Roussel vet in 1999 and agreed that Aventis Pharmaceutical Inc. (Hoechst AG) could keep Lasix as the trademark for the human version of furosemide.

The new name could lead to some confusion, however. There is also an herb called salix alba, or willow. It has anti-inflammatory properties and was used as a forerunner to aspirin. The drug SALIX, on the other hand, is a diuretic often used to control bleeding in the lungs of racehorses. The new SALIX label will be in all capital letters. Racing forms have traditionally used a capital “L” to indicate horses that are running on Lasix and may need to change the designation.

Intervet acquired several other popular equine drugs when it bought Hoechst, including the dewormer Panacur and Regu-Mate for mares.


Barnsby History
Many people think “Cliff” is the first name of a famous British saddle maker named Barnsby. In reality, the Cliff Barnsby Company was founded more than two centuries ago by a man named George Cliff who made leather breeches. His own son George specialized in bridles, while grandson Jabez started a saddlery business in 1873 in Walsall, England.

Jabez Cliff and his sons died in an 1881 typhoid epidemic, but George’s wife and daughter Mary continued the business. Mary’s son, Jabez Cliff Tibbits, purchased J. A. Barnsby & Sons, a nearby saddle-making company, in 1906, thus forming Cliff Barnsby. The company diversified into a wide range of sports products and leather goods around the time of World War I and into military goods during World War II. The company’s main customers, however, remain equestrians. The family-run company is now into its seventh generation.


Research For Anhydrosis
The American Quarter Horse Foundation received an anonymous matching challenge gift for research into anhydrosis, a condition in horses that fail to adapt to hot humid climates and don’t sweat. The challenge will match dollar for dollar up to $10,000/year from 2001 though 2005, with the potential to raise $100,000. For information, contact the foundation at 888/209-8322.


FEI Translatations
The FEI (Federation Equestre Internationale) has a translator so horsemen can look up a limited selection of equine terms in six languages: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and English. Simply type in the word in one language and hit “search” to get the term in the other languages.

Visit www.horsesport.org, hit the reference tab, and then F.A.Q. The site also invites submission of word translations not included.


Manufacturer Changes
Southern States Reorganizes: Southern States Cooperative announced in June that it is closing some locations and consolidating others, as well as transferring some operations to independent dealers or local cooperatives.

The cooperative, based in Richmond, Va., will close 47 of its 233 company-owned stores plus five facilities for manufacturing and distribution. In March, Southern States also transferred its livestock marketing division to United Producers, Inc., in Ohio and closed 20 facilities. Southern States, which purchased Agway’s consumer whole dealer business last year, said the cutbacks would not affect its grain marketing operations in the Middle Atlantic states.

Farnam Sells Sport Boots To EasyCare: EasyCare Inc. purchased the Pro Equine line of sport boots from Farnam in June. EasyCare is best known for its endurance riding products, including the EasyBoot. The Pro Equine line includes a number of splint boots, bell boots and other specialty boots.

Land O’Lakes Buys Purina Mills: Land O’Lakes, Inc., purchased Purina Mills in June. Although Land O’Lakes is best known for dairy-based products, it also is a national farmer-owned co-op and markets feed ingredients internationally. The Purina checkerboard logo will remain in use.

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