Careful Spending

Moving every 10 years or so makes you eliminate clutter.? that’s because, when you’re packing, you find making the ?I don’t need that? decision far easier.

Well, if you count my time as a young girl, We’ve been in the same barn for 40 years. And since we’re moving into the new barn shortly, I’ve started sorting, deciding what to keep, toss or garage sale.

Things I know we’ll never use again, including a huge number of bits and some young-horse training devices, will go. The barn carts We’ve had since 2005 will be pared down, but we’ll certainly keep the Scenic Road Gorilla Wheelbarrow. it’s been ?doing stalls? ever since it wheeled into the barn seven years ago. We’ve aired the tires a couple times, but otherwise it’s perfect. Its award as Best Buy and Top Choice was well deserved. At a price of under $200 in 2005, its cost is about $3 a month so far.

The other standout cart is the Agri-Fab #45 Cart. You wouldn?t expect a one-year warranty cart to compare to Scenic Road?s 10-year warranty, but it did. Our testers said the Agri-Fab cart was durable, and they were right. THere’s a loose edging piece and a few chips in the bed, but otherwise, it’s worked hard carting hay, bedding and more around the farm for years.

That County Dresprix saddle is still dear to my heart.? it’s the one I simply had to have way back in the first year of Horse Journal. Our testers were skeptical of its adjustable flap, but after the field trial they thought it was outstanding, and so have I for nearly 19 years now.? it’s been through four horses, and? might need a little reflocking now, but otherwise it’s in amazingly good shape. Longevity. that’s what we all want.

I still wear the Tredsteps half chaps I bought in 1998 after our field trial. The decade-old BMB halters remain my favorites, and our Union Hill Lettia saddle pads haven’t started to show wear yet. These were all relatively pricey items, recommended by Horse Journal, and they’ve proven to be worth every penny.

This holiday season, consider giving quality gifts that people can use for years to come. Maybe initially it won?t seem like that $25 Haas brush is much of a gift, but eight years from now, when your friend is moving to another barn, you’ll be sure it’s a favorite that goes with her, just as mine will.

Cynthia Foley, Editor-in-Chief

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