Comeback Challenge From “A Home for Every Horse”

A Home for Every Horse is excited to announce The Equine Comeback Challenge is going to the Pennsylvania National Horse Show in October!

We are going to team up 10 horses and 10 trainers for 90 days to compete at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show, Harrisburg, October 14.

This event will highlight Trail Versatility with an extra two minutes for each competitor to highlight special skills each horse has acquired. At the end of the event the horses will be sold privately following the event. 

The mission of the Equine Comeback Challenge is to bring attention to rescue horses all over the country. 10 rescues horses will be placed with 10 trainers for 90 days to demonstrate their abilities and trainability. A Home for Every Horse will be visiting locations of the horses with trainers to help bring attention to the program. We invite you to tell us why your rescue horse would be a great addition for the Equine Comeback Challenge at the Pennsylvania National Show. 

Click here to learn more and sign up, if you have an eligible horse or are interested in applying to be one of the 10 trainers.