Cleaning Brushes

We have used Dawn dishwashing detergent to clean brushes for years. It lifts that greasy grunge out of your brushes, nylon halters and lead ropes. However, it does require scrubbing, and the process won?t always get the deep dirt.

So, we tried Brush Therapy Effervescent Cleaner, which claims to soak brushes clean in 8 minutes. One packet is $4, and you mix it in a gallon of water. We still had to pull out hair, but our brushes were visibly cleaner, all the way to the bristle roots. And it was much easier.

Bottom Line.

Brush Therapy works. However, a gallon only did 6 medium brushes, and you can’t re-use it. You can save money buying a multi-dose tub of Brush Therapy, but Dawn remains cheaper. For a horse or two, Brush Therapy?s a great idea, but if you?ve got a lot of brushes it could get expensive quickly (, 410-325-7000

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