Coming Up In Our January 2013 Issue

In our January 2013 issue, we’re covering:

Commercial Feeds for the IR Horse: ?Nutrition Editor Dr. Juliet Getty tells you which feeds are truly low sugar/low starch and therefore safe for your insulin-resistant horse. She also tells you how to know to avoid certain feeds!

The Long Reach of Pain: ?Veterinary Editor Dr. Grant Miller believes that if you understand the process of pain, you can detect it sooner and get your horse help more quickly. ?Did you know that chronic pain can develop into a phenomenon called “spinal cord windup” and that this can leave your horse with possibly permanent physical changes’

Mycotoxin Alarms: Veterinary Editor Dr. Deb Eldredge takes on the hype this year concerning droughts and harmful grains and sets the record straight for you in simple, understandable, non-hyper language.

Clippers: Performance Editor John Strassburger continues his journey sorting through new clipper models, so you don’t have to, saving you lotsa bucks.

Cross-Tie Release Rings: Two of our barns put the new Safe T-Ties and Equi-Pings to the test.

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