Dots of Inexpensive Bling

Who doesn’t want to have a little fun once in a while? Koper’s Dots make it really easy to add some “bling” to your tack – or virtually any piece of leather. And they’re pretty inexpensive, too, starting at $4 a pair.

Koper’s Dots make rein stops an easy-on, easy-off piece of tack.

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We told our readers about these dots and their easy on/easy off reins stops three years ago. Since then, the company has exanded their line to include all sorts of leather pieces and color choices for the dots, from leather-matching colors to flat colors to metallic or even jeweled choices. We found the quality high and the price reasonable, such as $19.95 for reins stops. Additional dots are sold in pairs at $4 and up. You can also get browbands, zipper pulls, leads and leashes in a variety of leather colors. 

The dots connect and disconnect with Chicago screws, also known as screw posts. Western riders will recognize them, as they’re used on Western bridles to hold the reins to the bit and the cheek pieces to the bit (see photo of Chicago screw). They’re also used to attach a breakaway leather fuse to turnout halters.

The only tool you need to attach them is a straight screwdriver, although some people have trouble keeping the flat end of the screw still while screwing the post in. If that’s the case, grab something grippy—like a flat rubber jar gripper—and press it against the end to keep it still while you screw the pieces together. 

We’ve had so much fun with our dots, we just had to tell you about them again! You can get them at

Chicago screws are simple to use.

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