Double Rainbow

Last night it became clear that a horrendous storm was on its way. ?I had already locked our three silly mares in the smaller field because I had a hunch we were in for a storm. ?About 45 minutes later, there were severe storm warnings issued, so I went to the barn to put the girls in. Well, they knew a storm was in the air and, despite being in a smaller paddock, they would have nothing to do with being caught. Grrr . . .

After several failed attempts and the start of lightning strikes, I left them and headed to the house. ?My husband decided to give it a try and, sure enough, the “Witches of Eastwick” (my nickname for them when they decided to act up in a group) decided to do whatever my husband said – clearly he’s the “alpha human” – and in the middle of incredible torrential rains with thunder and very-close lightning strikes, one of the “witches” (Kelsey, the sweetest of the threesome) allowed herself to be caught and the other two followed them into the barn.

I was so grateful to my husband for that. ?I wanted the horses in and safe, of course, but they had totally gotten my dander up with their antics . . . I’m the one who takes care of their every need, for heaven’s sake! But do they care’ Do they respect me’ ?Obviously not! The buggers! (I’m sure you’ve been there before, too.)

When the storm completed, as the sun was setting, two wonderful rainbows appeared over the barn, putting me in such a wonderful mood that I just had to share the picture with you.

This morning the “witches” have morphed back into my gals, and all seems right with the world. I can’t imagine a better life.

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