Editor?s Pick ? How Good Riders Get Good

Eventer Denny Emerson has heard many young riders tell him, ?I want to win an Olympic gold medal!? and that is usually followed with, ?How do I get there’? This book answers that.

It describes the choices that may need to be made in the pursuit of a riding goal. Emerson doesn’t shy away from telling you what you may have to give up to achieve your goal, such as when he points out that the prime childbearing years are also the prime riding years.

it’s clear that Emerson believes hard work and sacrifice can overcome any perceived difficulties, such as a lack of money. This concept is echoed in the 23 ?Good Rider Profiles? Emerson includes, where top athletes from nearly every equestrian discipline share their history, tips and experiences.

Bottom Line. This unique book provides aspiring top-level riders as close to a blueprint for success as We’ve ever seen. it’s enjoyable and thought-provoking, as Emerson shares his wisdom.

Best suited for: Serious young competitors. It may also help their family and friends understand the decisions that must be made.

you’ll be disappointed if: You expect this book to give you riding instruction or an easy route to the top.

How Good Riders Get Good?by Denny Emerson. Hardcover. $29.95. Available through HorseBooksEtc., http://horsebooksetc.com/products/How_Good_Riders_Get_Good-1018-0.html, 800-952-5813.

John Strassburger? — Performance Editor

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