Equine Veterinary Clinic Open House

A new equine veterinary clinic opened up in our area,?http://www.syracuseequine.com/, and it’s quite exciting, as we don’t have a lot of horse-only practices in Upstate New York.? They had an open house this past weekend, and it was exciting.

Not only do these board-certified veterinarians offer state-of-the-art technology, but they also run a hospital, saving your horse from being shipped to Cornell for care in many cases. This is a huge boom to our area because the vet school is so large and cares for a lot of horses. With this new setup, I can see the horses at the local vet?s clinic getting more attention and TLC.

The clinic also offers the option of shipping your mare in for foaling. She’ll have a large heated foaling stall with 24-hour watch via a remote camera that the veterinarians can also access via their smart phones when they’re on the road. ?If I had a mare due to foal, I would absolutely take this option, as I don’t?consider myself experienced in foaling.?I’ve only witnessed a handful of these events. I do know that when things go wrong?they happen quickly and, as wonderful as it might seem to have your mare foal while you’re on duty, it’s simply not wise if you have another option.? I’d like to see more equine vets try to offer this option to their clients.

Of course, if the foaling is a DIY at-home job, everything can go smoothly, too. ?But your mare and foal could also end up in a life-threatening position before a veterinarian can arrive. Even with cell phones cutting out the time it takes to run to the house and grab a land line, the veterinarian still has to drive to get to you?and possibly dress first, too, if it’s the middle of the night. An hour may seem like a short amount of time, but it’s literally a lifetime in many cases.

Despite predictions to the contrary, veterinary medicine is doing a decent job holding its own in this economy. Small-animal owners seemed to have cut back on routine services, ?wellness? exams and that sort of thing, but for the most part horse people aren?t taking chances with their horses. I hope this clinic is able to make a go of it, a sentiment a large number of the visitors were whispering among themselves.