FDA Meeting on Parasite Resistance to Deworming Drugs

The FDA has announced a two-day public meeting to discuss parasite resistance to common deworming drugs. The problem was discussed by Horse Journal Contributing Veterinary Editor Dr. Deb Eldredge in our February 2012 issue and in our upcoming March 2012 issue.? Dr. Eldredge explains your current best options to?protect your own horses. As she said, with no new powerful deworming drugs on the near horizon, we have to take measures beyond grabbing a tube of deworming paste when we stop in at the feed store. And it’s going to take work.

?The FDA is looking?for tools they can use to?evaluate resistance and determine the effectiveness?of combining current drugs against resistant parasites.? Options are needed?for stopping this increasing growing wave of drug-resistant parasites.??

The meeting?will be held March 5-6 in Rockville, Md. To learn how to attend or send?data to the meeting click here.