February 2013 Horse Journal

In our money-saving February 2013 issue, you’ll find:

  • Who Is That Horse’ An article about equine identification methods, with recommendations on your best choice.
  • Winter Cleaning. The editorial discusses keeping a healthy winter barn.
  • Disaster Plan. A simple four-step process to ensure you’re ready for anything.
  • Performance. How poles and cavaletti help build strength in your horse, whether he’s a jumper or not.
  • Veterinary Viewpoint. Do you have a ready-to-go back-up plan in the event you can’t make it to the barn’
  • Trail Riding. Camping with horses gives you the inside scoop on how to stay out of trouble on an overnight trip with your horse.
  • Pentosan. There’s an option to Adequan and Legend. Dr. Grant Miller explains how it fits into your horse’s therapy.
  • Commentary. John Strassburger talks about his concerns about the future of riding.

With our regular features, Ask Horse Journal, Media Critique, Safety Thought and Research News.

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