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I just renewed my subscription to Horse Journal for two years. I’ve been a subscriber since its inception. I have always valued your reviews and perspectives. It is a rare issue where I don’t get something useful.

I am writing primarily to say a huge thank you for allowing current subscribers access to past articles. For years I saved every issue, but I ran out of room, and it was often hard to find the exact article I was looking for, because I really couldn’t remember when I had seen the article, just that I had seen it. So I am truly delighted to have on-line access. That is a real benefit to subscribers.

I also have a comment about the probiotic article. I do agree that manufacturers are just including them in all products now because it ”sounds” good and it’s inexpensive. However, I’ve found probiotics to be very useful when administered at the right levels after a course of antibiotics.

I look forward to your publication every month. You’ve saved me a lot of money over the years, and also steered me to some useful products.

Karen Havis

North Carolina

Kaeco Stall Powder

Thank you for including our product in ”Fresh Barns Are Healthier” (October). Unfortunately, our product, Stall Powder, was listed as ”Stall Power.”

Kelly Terry

Kaeco Group, Inc.

Editor’s Note: We’re sorry about the oversight in the product spelling.

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