Horse- Centered Apps

This past weekend I marveled at an App that my client showed me during our annual dental and vaccine visit. It was called EQStable made by Zoetis Pharmaceuticals- have you seen it? It is a free App available to Apple users (us ‘Droid folks are out in the cold L). The App allows you to organize all of your stable and horse information in a convenient, easily accessible on-the-go format. The App provided templates calendars for health procedures such as vaccinations, deworming, dental work, and hoof care.

It also links up with your Outlook calendar on your computer and can send you reminders as to when various tasks need to be completed. How many times have we all said, “My horse’s vaccines were just done,” only to later find that “just done” was actually over a year ago? This App can keep us on track!

Here’s some of what the App can do:

  • Track My Ride allows the logging of saddle hours. Riders can name each route and specify the horse they rode and share with friends on Facebook. 
  • Calendar stores dates of competitions, horse health appointments, and events.
  • Horse Health features tips on deworming, vaccination, dentistry, and shoeing for a horse or herd.
  • GlobalVetLINK provides on-the-go access to digital health certificates (eCVIs), digital EIA (Coggins) certificates, and GoPass six-month passports.
  • Products lists photos and general information about each Zoetis product.
  • Settings lets horse owners tailor their social media share settings and which alerts they want to receive for appointments, events, and notifications.
  • Notifications allows horse owners to receive important information, updates, and promotions.

Information about the App can be found here. It can be downloaded at the Apple App Store

That got me thinking- what other Apps are out there that may benefit the horse community? This one is not exactly for horses- but the American Red Cross Pet First Aid App is available for all platforms and costs only 99¢. It walks you through the basics of dog and cat first aid in a very clear and concise fashion. You never know when it may come in handy!

It never hurts to have VetFinder by Apparent Media on your Android smartphone or tablet- it will display veterinarians on a map and is available in several languages.

Finally, for a little bit of fun, don’t forget about My Horse– a super-addicting game in which you can own, care for, train and compete a horse. It is available for free on all platforms.

HJ Readers- there are literally hundreds of horse apps out there. Which ones have you tried? We’d love to share you information!

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