Horse Journal May 2013

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You’ll find an article on antioxidants to guide you in making the decisions about 1) Does your horse need an antioxidant and 2) Which ones do we think really get the job done’ (There aren’t many!)
What works and doesn’t work in fly control.
Wise Equestrian’s Dutton RZ saddle. Yup. We like it.
A use-at-home Ultrasound Therapy device that is effective and affordable.
Want to your horse to load into the trailer unassisted’ Here’s how.
Urgent Care. Each month, this new section will offer you straightforward advice in a quick-read format that you can use when your horse has an injury or illness. This month: Hives.
Plus our regular sections: Ask Horse Journal, Fix A Problem, Did You Know’, Safety Thought and much more.

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