Horse Journal Online June 2014 Uploads

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Euthanasia: Let’s Talk it Over—3

Ecovet Fly Spray is Strong—6

Dressage and Jumping World Cup Competitions in Omaha—7

Veterinary Visits: Knowing When to Make the Call—8

California Chrome and Skechers?—11

North Carolina Foal Born in Wild with Crooked Legs—11

Stall-Fan Safety—12

Nasal Strips: They definitely don’t harm—13

Belmont, Preakness, Kentucky Derby – Watch Them Again—13

NBC’s Coverage of the Belmont Stakes—13

The Search For An Affordable, Trustable Joint Product—14

Mosquitoes Can be Deadly—18

Horses Injected with Gasoline—18

Can California Chrome Win The Triple Crown?—19

Joint Products: Some Pricey Ingredients Are Worth Your Money—20

RIP Sapphire—24

Lameness Locator —25

AVMA Serious About Compounded Drugs—25

Managing Tendons: It Doesn’t Have To Be A Stretch—26

Magnesium For OCD?—29

Safety Thought: Metal on Cross-Ties—29

Equine Dental Care—30

Swimming Through Summer Heat—32

Supplementing Salt—33

Horse Blocker Tie Ring—34

Your Sweating Horse—35

Horse Cut with Scalpel—36

Levi’s Artwork Helps Pay the Bills—36

Horse Cut with Scalpel—36

Media Critique: Where Does My Horse Hurt?—37

2018 World Games to be in Canada—37

A Look Back: “Here’s Hoping We’ll Host Another WEG Soon”—38

Horse Shot in Cincinnati—38

What’s Next For California Chrome—And the Triple Crown?—39

The Cutaneous Trunci Muscle Reflex in Horses—40

EOTRH: Equine Odontoclastic Tooth Resorption and Hypercementosis—41

Moldy Leather —42

What I Learned By Riding In A Phillip Dutton Clinic—43

Reliable Recipes or Time Wasters—45

Horse Journal OnCall: Do I Really Need to Use a Bit?—46

Judging Western Dressage—47

The Glass Horse—48

Ticks, Ticks and More Ticks—49

Horse Journal’s OnCall Service: Your Own Personal Equine Consultant—50

Some Horses Develop Faster Than Others—51

Barn Drama—52

Choosing The Top Prospect—53


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