Horse Journal Online March 2014

As promised, we’ve compiled all our content from March 2014 into two PDFs, which you can download and archive for easy access.

Horse Journal Online March 2014 articles

Horse Journal Online March 2014 Expert Commentaries

Here’s what’s in the “articles” PDF:

Shedding Season Tools

Barn Surveillance: Know What’s Out There

Equine Medical Research Gets Funds From USEA

The Common Cough Is Far From Simple

Zipper Riding Boot Care

Adequan for Horses Availability

Media Critique:Modern Eventing With Phillip Dutton

Tick Defensive Tactics

Recommended Product Changes You Should Know

Equine Coronavirus: An “Emerging” Disease in Horses

What a Connecticut Court Case to Declare Horses “Vicious” Could Mean to You

MSM: Strong Addition To Equine Joint Nutraceuticals

Winter Cold: Know When Your Horse Is Cold

Medicine In Your Barn: Veterinarians vs. the DEA

Safely Save Money on Horse Drugs

Choose Vaccinations Suited to Your Horse

Riding Alone? Where Is Your ID?

Now Event Riders Can Choose: Medical Armband or Bracelet

Driving with Miniature Horses

Miniature Horses Require Full-Size Care

Sunbleaching vs. Dark Summer Coats

Scratches Treatment And Prevention

Here’s What’s In the “Expert Commentaries” PDF:

To Me, Cross-Country Is Still The Key To Eventing

We Should All Be Funding Equine Medical Research

Do We Really Need Surveillance Cameras?

Horse Journal Readers Often Ask How Hard to Work Their Horses

Fairness to Pet Owners Act

Liberte Training is a Sight to See!

Equine VibraPlates- Shaking Up the Horse World!

Horse-Centered Apps

Equine Fodder Systems

Equine Footing Video – Dr. Hilary Clayton

Horse Sexual Abuse: The Elephant in the Room

Massage Illegal in Arizona?

Get Rid of Puddles

Funniest Video Ever

A Feel Good Moment For All Horse Lovers

17-Horse Jump Off

Gorgeous Equine Footage

Fun Video: Future Event Horse?

Freestyles for 2014

Helmet Saves Another Top Rider

App Hygiene at the Barn

Fashion at the Tack Shop

Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare: Where Do You Stand?

Harbingers of Spring

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