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We’re responding to one of the top requests we see in reader surveys:? saddle reviews. For most of us, saddles are like cars. it’s a big, important purchase we dream about making, sometimes waiting years to do.

Beginning with our September issue, we’ll?report on different types of saddles from various manufacturers at varying price points. We’re going to ride in these saddles, try them with different horses and riders and?let you know what we like and don’t like about it and why. We?ll say if we think it’s over-priced or a good value, like September’s Toulouse Aachen saddle.

Sometimes we’ll do a single saddle and other times we’ll compare models. Our reviews will discuss structure and form, and we’ll evaluate leather quality. And, of course, we’ll tell you know what our testers thought about it, and to whom we think the saddle might be best suited.

Our December 2012 issue will compare the dressage saddles Wintec Pro to the Tekna to the Thorowood. This one yielded some incredible results! ?Next up, eventing saddles.

If there’s a type of saddle you’d like to see us use, let us know.

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