Horse Journal September 2012 Articles

Have you seen the September 2012 issue’ It’s in your mailbox and now online, too.

Whether you get the paper version or the digital version, you’ll find articles that help make your horse-keeping easier and less costly!

Winter Turnout Blankets: Fit Trumps Everything in Blankets. We have our favorites and one we think is nearly indestructible.

Equine Insurance: it’s All About Protection – Mortality Insurance

Editorial: Horse Journal Upgrades (including an exclusive book club that can save subscribers money)

Media Critique: The horse’s Pain-Free Back and Saddle-Fit Book

Safety Thought: Helmet Care (No Dishwashers!)

Nutrition: Got Hay’? We expect it to be scarce this year, so We’ve included instructions on how to mix in hay cubes, pellets, beet pulp and complete feeds into your horse’s current diet.

Saddles: The Toulouse Aachen Dressage Saddle With Genesis System is a Nice Fit (and a snap to use)

Veterinary Care: Warning! Colic Ahead! The mere words put terror into your heart, don’t they’ Well, We’ve got a concise article on handling the emergency.

Commentary: Margaret Freeman discusses horse-sports attire

And More . . . Online Pharmacy Accreditation . . . Rider Identification (We found a nifty bracelet all trail riders should have) . . .? Meet our New Farrier: Steve Kraus, head of Farrier Services at the Cornell Veterinary College . . . Ask Horse Journal and Letters.

Coming in October: Massage with Curry Combs, Health Insurance for Your Horse,? Pigeon Fever (not just California anymore), Riding a Steep Slope, Yokes, West Nile Virus Makes History, Hay Drive and more.

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