Horse Journal Upgrades

Usually I let Horse Journal speak for itself, but so much is happening that I can’t keep quiet!

First, We’ve developed the ?Horse Journal Book Club.?? Each month, a book I’ve read, enjoyed and recommend will be featured in a special ?HJ Book Club? square on our back page.? By using our special ?HJ Book Club? code, you can purchase that book?and anything else you?d like?for 10% off through Horse Books Etc., our sister company.? But you must be a current subscriber to get the discount.

Next, we’re responding to one of the top requests we see in reader surveys:? saddle reviews. For most of us, saddles are like cars. it’s a big, important purchase we dream about making, sometimes waiting years to do.

One at a time, we’ll use and report on different types of saddles from various manufacturers at varying price points. We?ll let you know what we like and don’t like about it and why. We?ll say if we think it’s over-priced or a good value, like this month’s Toulouse Aachen saddle.

Our reviews will discuss structure and form, and we’ll evaluate leather quality. And, of course, we’ll tell you know what our testers thought about it, and to whom we think the saddle might be best suited.

And our writing staff is growing again! Farrier Steve Kraus joins original Horse Journal farrier Lee Foley and our two contributing veterinarians, Dr. Deb Eldredge and Dr. Grant Miller, to bring you the hands-on, practical solutions and advice you expect from us.

Steve is the head farrier at Cornell University?s veterinary school and brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm for consumer education, product selection and hoof health. Please read more about Steve on page 15 and join me in welcoming him to Horse Journal.

Finally, we’re not ignoring the digital age. If you’re a Nook owner?that’s the e-reader from Barnes & Noble?you may already know that you can purchase an electronic subscription or back issues to Horse Journal. We’re also on deck for Kindle (I’m a Kindle owner, so I’m eagerly awaiting that!), Nexus and other readers. We’re even in the early stages of developing some apps.

Not that we’re going to stop being a paper publication. Far from it! We also still enjoy the relaxing feel and familiarity of a traditional publication, especially one like ours, without advertising. it’s nice to take your eyes off of a computer screen sometimes.

Of course, your print subscription already comes with online access to all back articles at In response to reader demand, we added a downloadable PDF of each issue for subscribers-only.

If you don’t visit our site frequently, you’re missing out. We update regularly, and the blogs from our experts?Margaret Freeman, John Strassburger, Dr. Deb Eldredge and me?will keep you entertained and informed. Take a look. We think you’ll enjoy our site.

Cynthia Foley, Editor-in-Chief

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