Horse Journal’s AHP Awards

We’re delighted to tell you that Horse Journal won 1st and 2nd place in the American Horse Publication Annual Awards contest, in the Equine-Related Editorial Series (print) division.

?Horse Sense Series? by Susan Quinn, Esq., which was our insurance series (September, October, November 2012), earned top honors.

?This author poked fun at her subject right off the bat, and that piqued this reader’s interest. Then the author hooked you with her very clear, understandable writing about one of the most, as she put it, boring of topics ? insurance,? commented the judge.

In second place was our ?Winning Nutrition Series? by Contributing Veterinary Editor Grant Miller, DVM (January, February 2012) for his articles on Joint Nutraceuticals, complete with product recommendations.

?How do you tell if an article is good’? wrote the judge, ?If it’s one of the last entries in a contest category to be read, and the judge sits up and takes notice, then the author has done his job. The two-part series on supplements is on a topic of interest to horsemen regardless of discipline. This author explains, in a way that makes sense, how to feed supplements.?

Congratulations to both our contributors!

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