Horse Journal’s Groundbreaking New Format

If you’re a Horse Journal subscriber, you know that we made a monumental decision for 2014: Go Green!

The postcard that recently arrived in your mailbox explained that we were no longer going to print Horse Journal. It didn’t say we’re going away; it said we’re changing. 

We decided it was time to rid ourselves of the limitations of ink and paper and move into the modern age. We’re going digital! And that means there’s virtually no limit to the information we can offer our subscribers.

When you think about it, the digital medium fits us like a glove. No advertising pages. Just our respected product reviews, informative horse care, well-read horse management articles and more – all focused on helping you manage your horse and your horse money.

Over the years, subscribers have told us that they never make a buying decision without consulting us. And we’re usually told that at the start of a phone conversation requesting help locating a certain article. With our new digital format and upgraded website, all you have to do is type in your search word and you’ll have the article at your fingertips. (But don’t stop calling us. We love talking with readers!)

As we developed our plan, we decided to go yet another step into the future. We’re breaking free of the monthly format, too. When an article’s ready to go, it’s going on the website, so there’s no waiting a full month for new material.

My favorite part is that we can give you web links to the products you’re interested in and we can insert video footage, too. But not just any video – only the ones we believe offer solid, reliable information.

As always, we’ll cut through all the clutter of competing viewpoints and notions that characterize the horse world (and we thought that was bad 20 years ago!). And we’ll help you, our subscriber, solve problems.

In our new section, “Horse Journal On Call,” our experts will answer subscriber questions. And if we don’t know the answer, we will find a qualified expert who does. If you’re having difficulties in the barn, we have answers.

We’ve always prided ourselves on being a leader in equine publishing, and this is no different. As we said over 20 years ago, “There’s a lot of information to share . . . It’s going to be a helluva ride.”

See some of our upcoming topics.

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