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For a limited time, you can download Horse Journal’s January 2012 issue?for free, whether you subscribe or not. If you’re happy with what you see, we hope you’ll subscribe by clicking here,?taking advantage of a limited-time $20 subscription price. All paid subscribers also get free access to all our back issues through our website, (Note: Our website has recently been updated. If you experience any problems, please let us know.)

As you may know, when Horse Journal launched its first issue in 1994, then known as ?Michael Plumb?s Horse Journal,? our goal was to offer reliable, clear advice that helps readers make wise buying and practical horse-care decisions. We’ve never deviated from that mission.

We can do that because we’re solely subscriber supported (meaning no advertising!). In fact, We’ve been told countless times that the cost of a subscription can be saved with one purchase. Our concise articles provide practical solutions you can take into your barn and use.

In our January issue, Dr. Grant Miller, one of our veterinary editors and a horse owner and competitor, sorted through the overwhelming number of joint products on the market and provided a list of the best choices for starter-level joint products. (The more powerful products are in our February issue.) He tells you when to start a joint product, how to know it’s working, and when it’s time to look elsewhere. His reasons for selecting those products are simple and clear, so you can easily look at your own favorite product?s label to see how it stacks up.

Dr. Deb Eldredge, an award-winning writer and veterinarian, is our other veterinary editor. A long-time horse owner with a wide background in horse sports, her guide to equine vaccinations will save you a lot of indecision this spring. In February, she tackles deworming, blasting through the latest conflicting research recommendations.

We’re also proud to have John Strassburger, former long-time editor of The Chronicle of the Horse and now a professional rider and trainer, as our Performance Editor. ?John?s not afraid to talk about the hard issues, such as unwanted horses, the recent horsemeat legislation, or how to talk candidly to riders who are overmounted. After reading his articles, you’ll be well-informed.

?Associate Editor Margaret Freeman, an FEI-level dressage competitor and S-level dressage judge, and I have directed Horse Journal since its beginning, and we hope you’ll enjoy this January issue. Either way, we’d appreciate it if you let us know what you think. We enjoy hearing from all our readers. Happy New Year!


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