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Grass hay or alfalfa? What kind of bit is best? How does one relax at the canter?

Do you have a horse-related question? We’ve got you covered. With Horse JournalOnCall, querying subscribers receive a free, prompt, individualized answer, whether it’s about horses, equitation, product choices, veterinary concerns, or just finding a particular article on our site. E-mail us at We’ll help! (unless it’s about your love life. Sorry, we’ll gracefully recuse ourselves from that area).

In addition to OnCall, we have lifelong, dedicated horsemen and women directing Horse Journal’s editorial content, so you know you’re getting expert equine information. Navicular horse? You may want to talk with your veterinarian after you read Dr. Grant Miller’s discussion about Tildren, which is finally available in the U.S.!

Just getting back in the saddle after the long winter and wet spring? Three-day eventing trainer John Strassburger tells you why building strength is so important in your horses – and explains how to do it.

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Too busy to check our site daily? We’ve got you covered. At the end of each month, you can download a PDF containing all of Horse Journal’s recent content, so you don’t miss a thing. Whatever you need, we’ve got it. It’s no wonder Horse Journal has some of the most loyal subscribers in the industry.

And here’s what they’re telling us about our new online format:

“Horse Journal’s conversion to a subscriber digital format was simply brilliant!”

“More articles! More information! News! Unbiased recommendations! Thank you!”

“Thank you, Horse Journal, for advice I can take to the bank. I LOVE your Equestrian Shopper. It’s THE place to be on the Internet, with solid information on what works and what doesn’t.”

“Thank you, Horse Journal, for helping keep my barn budget under control!”

Here’s a sample of what we’ve offered lately:

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