Horse Journal’s Rescue Horse of the Week: This Arab Needs A Home

As we wrote a few weeks ago, we’re impressed with the new program “A Home For Every Horse” that is part of They’re working to get the word out about the thousands of unwanted horses who need caring homes, the kind Horse Journal readers are sure to give.

For our little part, Horse Journal is going to name a “Rescue Horse of the Week” to help spread the word about some of these lovely horses. Tell your friends. It only takes one barn for each horse. And, as A Home For Every Horse says, success is measured one horse at a time.

Now this Arab is 5 years old, and she sounds like she might be a bit of a pistol! But, there are those of us who like that in a horse, and she’s clearly interested in doing stuff. She’s located in New Jersey.?Click here to learn more about her.

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