Horse Transport To Mexico Goes Wrong

According to “The Tennessean,” ?(see story) a horse transport bound for Mexico broke in half on route. It wasn’t a traffic accident. It was a structural failure of the van itself.

Several?horses died. The rest (over 35 of them) were moved to another transport to continue their journey. This?link??is a video shot of the horses being moved, which I found extremely hard to watch, guessing where the horses were going. Authorities are?trying to determine if there will be any charges.

No matter what fate awaited these horses, I think this is inexcusable.? The looks on the horses’ faces as they move from one van to the other was hard for me to take. I wish I had the land and the finances to bring each of them home with me.

Whether you’re pro slaughter or anti slaughter, I think everyone will agree that humane, safe transport and proper care till the end are absolute necessities. I believe laws need to be strengthened to give law enforcement more authority.

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