Horses And The Super Moon on Saturday, May 5

Yesterday I whined to a dear friend about how our three mares were absolute maniacs yesterday! I could not get them in the barn for the evening. My husband came out to help, and for nearly 15 minutes we just stood there, as they ran around us bucking, galloping and acting like idiots. The youngest of the lot is 15! So, age is not an excuse. We’d get a hold of one, and chestnut mare would charge at us! Looking back, it was comical, but not at the time.

When I finished my story, she reminded me that a “supermoon” is expected on Saturday.? That’s where the moon is about 20% bigger and 30% brighter than normal.? And, we all know that full moons in general do weird things to humans and animals alike!? My mom was a nurse in obstetrics for years, and she said they used to brace themselves for an unusual number of deliveries on full-moon nights. You can read more about the supermoon at:

I don’t know if you’ll believe the possibility or not, but it sure made me think. At least there was a reason why they were so silly.? Gee, the Kentucky Derby is set to run on Saturday, too, so it could be a very interesting race. Maybe it’s a day to bet on a longshot!!