I can’t Stop Thinking About ?War Horse?

The movie trailers for ?War Horse? keep playing on TV, and I remain convinced that it’s simply too heart-wrenching to watch.

Any of us who have had a special relationship with a horse ? and therefore knows how it feels when?a horse truly loves us back ? would have a hard time getting through the movie without a tear or two. I love my dogs, and I’m close to them, but tHere’s nothing like that connection with a special?horse. Just the very idea of Joey (the horse) being sold away from the young boy he loves and who loves him back makes me sad (let alone World War I!!).

The movie is based on a children?s novel set in Europe, World War I, written by Michael Morpurgo and published in 1982. The play (done with puppets and said to be incredibly good) earned several 2011 Tony Awards, including Best Play. I’ve been told by people who saw the play that it’s extremely moving, possibly? more than the?film could be.

The movie is a Steven Spielberg production, and he was asked in the 12/9/2011 ?Entertainment Weekly??article ?if there was anything in the play that couldn?t be done on screen.

Spielberg said, ?THere’s no way cinema can ever replicate that sudden transition from yearling to adult that Joey undergoes in the theater. That moment made me cry when I first saw War Horse in London.? So, does the play sound poweful enough’

The story is told from the horse’s point of view (reminds me of ?Black Beauty?), and the horse fights on both sides of the war, enduring a great deal of?war-related horror. (World War I, called the Great War, lasted 1914 to 1919.)? Throughout the story, you see how?the horse deeply touches the lives of every person he comes in contact with. And, of course, the young boy remains determined throughout the story to get the horse back . . .? an incredible horse and an awe-inspiring story filled with heartache.

Are you going to go see ?War Horse?’

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