Ice, Ice Baby

We’ve often written in ?Horse Journal? about how important cold therapy is, and I certainly have had my own experience with hosing and ice wraps, as most of us have.? I see and feel the difference that cold therapy and hosing have made to my horses with specific injuries, even though this doesn’t come up as often with my dressage horses as it might with eventers, jumpers and hunters.

But the value of cold therapy recently struck home with me when I was dealing with a sore arch on my own foot.? Rest helped, certainly, as did a compression bandage.? But the thing that really helped the most with long-term relief from pain and swelling was an ice pack, which I’d stashed in the freezer for grocery trips on a hot day.? I put it on the floor under my desk and rested my foot on it as much as possible when I was using the computer.? It really worked!

Years ago, I bought a pair of Ice Horse tendon wraps when I saw them on a sale table at the tack shop ? just couldn?t resist.? I haven’t needed them much for my mare.? However, when I was rehabbing my own broken leg a couple years ago after the cast was removed, I strapped one on my leg after I rode and walked around with it on while I did barn chores.? Sometimes I forgot and left it one when I drove home or even going out for errands.? It was so easy to use and helpful.

?I think I’m going to have to dig out those ice boots again, as I haven’t used them since my leg recovered.? I owe it to my mare to use them more often, especially in warm weather, if only to make her as comfortable as possible when she works so hard for me.?

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