Icelandic Horse Documentary In the Works

Are you interested in the Iceland’? What about the Icelandic horse, which is rounded up annually, much like our own Chincoteague ponies’

Well, two journalists, Lindsay Blatt and Paul Taggart, are creating a documentary called ?Hered In Iceland,? which tells the story of how the Icelander herders collect the horses each year.? The round-up occurs each September and lasts for two weeks. After the horses are rounded up, they’re sorted in a pen where farmers can recognize their horses.

Remember, Iceland law has?prohibited the importation of horses onto the island for over 1,000 years and no horses are allowed to be imported. Even horses originally from the island are not allowed to return.? These?horses, in addition to walk, trot, canter, also move in?the stunning tolt and flying pace gaits.

If you enjoy tradition filled with meaning and symbolism, take check out the work that’s been done so far for this coming documentary. The photos alone are breathtaking, making you think and feel, and enjoy learning about a culture wrapped around its horses.?

View trailer here.

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