International Helmet Awareness Day Discounts has teamed up with leading helmet manufacturers around the globe to host International Helmet Awareness Day 2012 on June 9th. In addition to the education events that are happening throughout the day, participating retailers around the world will be offering special discounts on helmets to equestrians on June 9. You can find a?participating retailer near you by visiting

Helmet brands that have committed involvement in International Helmet Awareness Day 2012 to date include: Samshield, Troxel, Charles Owen, GPA, Aegis (Devon-Aire), Pegasus, Tipperary, Ovation, IRH, One K, Antar?s Sellier France and KEP Italia in the USA & Canada. In the UK, Charles Owen, Champion Hats, Gatehouse and LAS have all signed up. Troxel is participating in Australia and the USA.

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