it’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas . . . .

At this time of year I always feel like time is piling up on me. Maybe it’s because daylight is done by 5 p.m. Even though I’m not judging or showing as much now for the next couple months, the weekends seem to disappear. I always wonder how the folks who pack up and head south with their horses before Christmas can get it all done. Each year at this point I have to decide if I’m going to the USDF convention (which never seems to be in the east, even though they are supposed to rotate it East/Mid-Country/South), but if I’m going to do that I almost have to have much of my Christmas stuff done before Thanksgiving so I can get away that week. I love the convention, but I hate the timing. I’d really prefer it to be before Thanksgiving or after New Year’s.

As panic sets in mid-December, my fall-back position is Harry and David for pears for my civilian friends and Horse Journal subscriptions for my horsey friends, those who don’t already get the magazine. This year, I already have a bit of a present for myself since holiday subscriptions this years are a two-fer. Horse Journal is offering two subscriptions for the cost of one, just a total of $36. There’s a trick, though. You can’t go through the website. You have to call 800-829-9145 and mention the code 71X2F1. I don’t know why it works that way, but I’m going to put it to use and save some bucks.

I’m headed to Georgia this week to judge, but I’m taking along the full-length down because the temps are supposed to be in the low 30s part of the time. No snow (‘!) forecast though, but maybe I shouldn’t bring that up after our Halloween surprise here. My family is going along, but we’ll peel off at the airport while they head to Athens GA for UGA football and I continue another couple hours south to judge at Poplar Place. (I’ll be wearing Georgia?s red and black on Saturday while I judge, though.) It will be my first time back to Poplar Place since I broke my leg there a year ago in March. I’m going to be better shod this time and try to stay upright.

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