it's Who We Are

Perhaps Sir Winston Churchill said it best: ?There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.? That famous quote is incredibly on target, especially if you’re one of the ones who need horses almost as much as the air we breathe.

But where that necessity comes from is a mystery to me. it’s not always inherited. Some horse-loving families have members that would just as soon ride a bike, while other non-horse families wonder what’s ?wrong? with the person who seems to be horse crazy.

I think the love of horses comes from deep within your soul. it’s part of what makes us who we are, and we can’t deny it anymore than we can ignore our body?s need to eat.

Non-horse friends assume I just love to ride, but it’s beyond riding. And it’s even more than admiring a horse’s beauty or the grace with which he moves. While that incredible combination of strength and fragility leaves me in awe, it’s really something in a horse’s warm, kind eye that draws me.

it’s that deep, welcoming nicker. it’s the way your horse lowers her head just for you to rub. I think tHere’s something in a horse’s soul that matches mine. Just being near my mare releases the day?s tension and stresses from my body.

I have a hunch my niece has horses in her soul, too. From before she was two, she preferred her toys be horses. She

only wanted stickers with horses on them, and her favorite part of Halloween was petting the pony at the pumpkin patch.

I was giving her a pony ride on my mare, years ago, when my niece was still a toddler.

As we were walking about, she noticed her grandmother had walked off and asked where she went. I said Grandma must have gone to look at something else on the farm. My niece immediately replied, ?Why would anyone want to look at anything else when tHere’s a horse to look at’? Hmmm . . . I have absolutely no idea.

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