Let It Snow

Despite the sub-zero temperatures and constant snow, things could be a lot worse. ?Sure, I’m tired of frozen water, snowballed hooves and hauling hay–we’re actually going to run out of hay early this year due to feeding so much more than we anticipated because of the cold weather–but most people don’t get to experience what we do. As you rub your frozen fingers together, imagine not hearing horses contentedly munching their hay. The sound of the horses nickering when I enter the barn at feeding time literally warms my soul. THere’s nothing like that low, throaty nicker from a mare who actually loves you.? And how about when they run up to the barn door, anxious to get inside, as soon as they spy you’ Head up, tail high and eyes bright, sporting a trot you?d give anything to achieve under saddle. As I walked back from the new-barn site the other night, which is a lot farther from the house than we had planned, I realized that most people will never have these experiences. They see snow coming down, but does it look the same to them’ Those big soft big flakes make the land around you?acres that you actually own?appear to be one big, comfortable blanket. Each year?s a little tougher on us than the previous year, but I wouldn?t trade my life?s experiences for anything, not even youth or the chance to try again. When I let the dogs out into their pen that night, I saw Molly and three friends in the field between our house and the new barn. They were digging through the snow, probably looking for leftover pumpkins. The snow was still falling, and the scene was breathtaking. The next morning, we could see imprints in the snow where they lay down to rest. Molly is easy to spot, as sHe’s so tiny, less than two-thirds the size of the rest of the deer. It was good to see sHe’s surviving the season. My husband and I often call the farm ?Molly?s Place,? because she never really left from when she was born here. That might change this spring when she’ll probably have her first fawns, but maybe not. I think Molly?s Place would be a good spot to raise kids, if you have them. ?Hopefully, she’ll think so, too. Yes, I’m tiring of the cold and anxious to ride regularly again, but I’m also grateful for what each day brings. Whether it’s the animals (wild or not), or the weather (sunny or stormy), if I just take a deep breath, gather my thoughts and look around, I realize how precious every day is. No matter what life brings, that little half-halt can help me break through any mid-winter depression. So, go ahead, Lord, let it snow.

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