Letters: 01/06

The True Heroes
Thank you for the October editorial about lesson horses. With all of the articles about show horses, eventers, etc. I read about in all the other horse periodicals, this was a breath of fresh air. I volunteer at a therapeutic riding stable, and we have a stable full of those gentle giants. These are the true heroes of the horse world. After the day is done, I make sure they get an extra treat in their feed buckets for a job well done.

Jeffrey Lesitsky
Salfordville, Pa.


Spirulina Sources
In Donna Warner’s letter from the November issue, she stated that Spirulina is no longer available from www.herbalcom.com, 888-649-3931. I went to their site and ordered some. It’s still available and is considerably less expensive than other sources.

Spirulina has ended my horse’s allergy symptoms, which were becoming quite severe. Thank-you for such a wonderfully helpful publication!

Pat Morris
Boxford, Mass.

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