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3M’S Animalintex
I would like to lay out my case for additional consideration for the Animalintex Poultice Pads, which were included in your August 2004 article. The active ingredients in Animalintex are Tragacanth gum, a naturally occurring gum that provides the poultice effect, and Boric Acid, which is a mild antiseptic.

I believe our poultice fits the criteria for the ideal poultice listed in your article, and I offer the following points for your consideration:

1. I understand and value the concept of independent evaluations of equine products, as there are a lot of products sold to the equine market that are long on promise and short on performance. It is 3M’s policy to seek the voice of the customer on all products that we sell and to only make product claims that we can support.

2. Both the Gamgee Highly Absorbent Padding and Animalintex Poultice products (1395P and 1395) have a history dating back more than 60 years in the United Kingdom where they’re manufactured and sold by Robinson Healthcare. Both products are well respected by horse enthusiasts and veterinarians alike.

3. We’ve had significant positive feedback in the U.S. as well. For example, Stephen O’Grady, DVM, who specializes in equine podiatry, has a number of published references on the use of Animalintex as an alternative to foot soaking. It is the only product that he uses for resolving hoof abscesses and infections. Contrary to the finding in your review, he finds the plastic to be an effective method for holding cold or heat.

4. We also have positive feedback from U.S. horse enthusiasts, for example from the United States Pony Clubs, Inc. “Animalintex and Gamgee have been shown to be useful additions to Pony Club Equine 1st Aid Kits.”

5. The Animalintex Poultice Pad is a significant seller on the racetrack, where it’s successfully employed to resolve hoof abscesses. Selling significant amounts of any product to racehorse trainers is based on the perceived performance/value of the product. Trainers prefer less-expensive products, such as clay muds, whenever possible. The fact that they buy significant quantities of Animalintex supports the utility and value of the product.

6. Animalintex Poultice can be used dry over fresh wounds to help clean debris out of the wound. Getting the debris out of the wound reduces the likelihood of subsequent infection. This can’t be done with traditional clay poultices as they seal the wound hence preventing drainage and, therefore, increase the likelihood of infection.

In conclusion, the Animalintex Poultice is a simple, convenient, easy to use poultice product that, with the addition of water. can be used as either a hot or cold poultice. I invite your subscribers to visit the 3M website at www.3M.com/animalcare.

Chris Libbey
Business Development Manager, 3M Animal Care Products,

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