Letters: 02/09

More Praise For Pellets

Thank you for your November article on bedding. I used to spend untold hours cleaning stalls and often felt like I was never going to get done with them. Since trying your recommended method of cleaning stalls, I have reduced my time cleaning stalls by half, if not more. I now have the time to actually ride my horses! Unfortunately, I no longer have a good excuse for letting the laundry pile up or neglecting general housework.

Diane McNulty

Silicone Not Silicon

It is silicone, not silicon that is used in many of the detangling and shine products reviewed in your otherwise excellent article (see December 2008). Silicon is an element in the periodic table and a semiconductor. Thin sheets of silicon are the base for many microchips and integrated circuits. Hence, ”Silicon Valley.” The silicone (note the ”e”)is a heat-resistant compound with ”non stick” properties.

Janet Gunn