Letters: 09/00

Bickmore’s Gall Salve
We recently received your July issue and were disappointed that you did not include Bickmore’s Gall Salve under your evaluation of remedies for scratches. Our Gall Salve has stood the test of time since 1882 and, based on our feedback over the years, is a product your readers should be knowledgeable about.

-Peter J. Ottowitz
Hardwick & Stone/Bickmore Brand
Hudson, MA


Lethal White And Sabinos
Thanks for your July Bulletin Board note about Lethal White Syndrome. It’s encouraging that there’s finally a blood test for this problem. However, I would have appreciated it even more if you had noted that the Sabino pattern, which is often lumped in with the Overo, does not produce lethal white. The Sabino pattern is characterized by high white stockings, broad blazes, and sometimes roaning, belly spots or splashes of white.

I own a white Missouri Foxtrotter stallion, Color Master, that is the product of breeding a black sabino sire to a bay sabino mare. Breeding sabino to sabino will often produce these “maximum sabino” white horses, and they do not have the lethal gene. Unfortunately, these foals are sometimes put down at birth because of fears that they carry the lethal white gene and healthy foals are lost.

-Karen Affeld
Mikarma Farm Missouri Foxtrotters
Guysville, OH


More Allergy Remedies
When I read Barbara Ross’ letter in your July issue, I recognized the same symptoms that my mare has suffered from the last six years. With my vet, I have tried Prednisone and antihistamines, tried using nothing, and tried probably gallons of fly sprays of different varieties.

Last season’s efforts focused on the use of herbal additives in coordination with a local herbalist. In 1999, we started the season on the additives, and remarkably my mare had few breakouts and was reasonably comfortable until the gnat season started. Then she was almost as miserable as usual.

I didn’t start her on the herbal additive at the beginning of the season this year as a test of the efficacy of the additive. Well, she has been laying down and gnawing on her forelegs to the point of tearing off skin. I have called the herbalist to start her immediately, and my herbalist is researching for something to help with the gnat problem.

I also use Corona ointment with good response for the lesions. The Corona ointment seems to soothe and prevent flies from attacking the open areas and compounding the problem.

-Teri Campbell
Alamogordo, NM


The website for Dr. V.E. Harris scratches formula in the July issue was incomplete. The correct address is www.silverstar.com/scratchesformula.

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