Letters: 12/99

Richdel Viewpoint
In regard to your editorial and “Competitors Challenge” article in the August issue, I must address the label of “complainers” and “greedy” that might be implied to the whole industry in that article. All of us here at Select The Best work hard to provide valuable, innovative and effective horse health products. We are akin and supportive of the industry that supports us by sponsoring research, riders, organizations, rescue operations and youth. We do not do it because we have to, but because we enjoy it. We love our horses and spend time around others who do also; it is the perfect job! I assure you it is not the easy path to get rich quick. Furthermore, The National Association of Equine Supplements Manufacturers (NAESM) met for the first time some weeks ago. I believe that organization will be a champion of the consumer, not self-serving, to insure the safety, effectiveness and availability of horse-health products. We are working diligently toward that end.

-Richard A. Merriner
President, Select The Best
Carson City, NV


Hurrah For Volunteers
Your September 1999 editorial was excellent. Too many competitors take volunteers for granted. Volunteers are worth their weight in gold, and we competitors need to let them know we appreciate their help and dedication.

I always make it a point to thank the volunteers at events. However, I’m afraid I’ve taken it a bit too far. Last month, as I was galloping an intermediate cross-country course, approaching a fairly impressive series of fences, I greeted and thanked the volunteer manning the road crossing. I promptly flew by my next fence and was eliminated at the next! Pilot error — lack of focus and too much chatting with the crossing guard — duh! So, competitors, do let those volunteers know they are the greatest, but take it from me — save it till your horse is in his stall!

-Polly Merrill
Sherborn, MA


Future Chiropractor
I’m 15 years old and very interested in animal chiropractic and the nutritional aspects of the horse. I have received chiropractic adjustments since I was nine and believe it to be beneficial for animals as well. The only problem has been finding out how to become an animal chiropractor. Your article gave me much-needed answers.

Hair mineral analysis was awesome, too. So many people from the medical field completely overlook mineral-vitamin supplements as an answer to common perplexing problems. I love the fact that you’re open minded enough to give your readers a generally unbiased view on “new” stuff and alternative medicine.

-Megan Redding
Canton, NC


Being Aware Is Important
The “Illinois Illness Remains Undiagnosed” was very enlightening. I also appreciated “EEE Remains On The Rise.” We all need to be aware of these things, and the veterinarians don’t always tell us.

-Julie Ehrhart
Waterman, IL

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