Life’s Moments Lost’

So, how many of us have an old photograph on a wall that just wouldn?t be there now in this digital age’? How many of the great photos that we take of our horses, not to mention our family members, just never get out of the computer anymore’ My husband and I were logging the pictures on our walls this week, since we plan to move and will need to consolidate.? We have lots of lovely horse-related art, but some of it is large and may not make the cut.? In my office, I have a wall of horse art, including hunting prints, an Olympic poster from Atlanta, a Hans Erni lithograph, a C.W. Anderson, and a small framed photo that my husband took 32 years ago next week. That picture was taken with film, of course.? We didn’t even imagine digital photography back then.? I don’t even think we could find the negative now, and I’d like to because it’s starting to fade a bit.? I’d reproduce it here, but my technical capabilities also don’t work in reverse. Scan something’ Yeah, right.? I’m sorta afraid when we unplug this computer that the photos will be lost for good.? I know it doesn’t work that way, but I don’t have a digital mind.? I never really conquered the 20th Century. must less the 21st, which may explain why I still prefer horses over motorized vehicles. The photo is of a 2-day foal.? Junior?s stud fee was a very special wedding gift from my utterly non-horsey mother-in-law, and he grew up to earn me my USDF silver medal, but back then he was simply fun to watch.? And photograph.? No computer magic here, no cropping or changing the contrast ? the picture is simply my husband?s good eye for composition.? The black mare?s head and legs frame the background as she eats grass.? Junior?s long legs stretch across the middle as he snoozes.? Centered in the foreground is our black lab puppy, who is transfixed with the newcomer. If that picture was taken now, it would probably be the wallpaper on my computer screen, but I doubt it would make it onto an actual wall, because almost nothing We’ve shot over the last decade has ended up in paper form unless you count copies of the ?Horse Journal.?? The only paper print I have of the mare I’ve owned for seven years was taken by a show photographer.? This is one of those retirement projects I think about, learning about the photo print function on my printer and actually starting an album.? How retro!

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